By entering the competition and/or accepting any prize (if you are a winner), you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
1. The promoter of the competition is Radio Atlantis 107.9FM.
2. You are not eligible to participate or win in any competition of RAFM if –
a) You are a Member of the Board of RAFM, partner, employee, presenter or volunteer of RAFM, its
affiliates or any other person who supplies goods or services in connection with the
b) You are a spouse, life partner, parent, child or sibling (whether natural or adopted),
business partner or associate of the persons specified in 3.1 above.
c) A member of your household won a prize in a competition promoted by RAFM in the
past (3) three months.
3. Winner’s names must match their full name and surname as set out in their South African Identity Document.
4. RAFM may limit the number of times that you may enter any competition.
5. The determination of the outcome of the competition is subject to the competition-specific terms and conditions, as well as RAFM’s general competition rules. The decision of the presenter or organizer of the competition is final, and no negotiation and or correspondence will be entered into after.
6. Prizes must be claimed at the radio station. The current station address is 68 Neil Hare Road, M&B Fire Building, Atlantis Industrial Area, Atlantis.
7. All prizes must be claimed within two (2) weeks of the announcement of winners on
air or on RAFM’s website, or on RAFM’s social media pages. Prizes not claimed within this period shall be forfeited.
8. Cash prizes may take up to 30 days to be paid out, and will only be paid into a valid South African bank account in the name of the person who is the valid winner of the prize.
9. Prizes are not transferable, and may not be exchanged or redeemed for cash or any other item.
10. If a person wins a prize, the winner consents to:
a) The publishing or distribution by RAFM and the prize sponsors of the winner’s name;
the fact that they have won a prize from RAFM or sponsor, as well as details of the
prize(s) received.
b) Within reason and with prior notice and acceptance, the use of their image in marketing material of RAFM and the prize sponsors.
11. If a winner fails to comply with any of these terms and conditions as well as the competition specific terms and conditions, –
a) The winner will be automatically disqualified from the competition; and
b) If the winner has won a prize, the winner will forfeit that prize.
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